Quick “waiting for the results of a meeting and killing time” update

Well its friday here meaning that its thursday. Pulled a last one last night to get a project tender put in for a disaster recovery plan. Very annoyed with myself at struggling so much with doing a report like that.

Back at college doing reports with fluff and making them killer used to just roll from the brain seamlessly, giving me consistently high marks. Now its a battle to not use, and, the is all the time

I honestly will put up more about my travels here but being hotel bound means a bandwidth meter is always starting you in the face, ready to kick you at any time you go over the limits.

Tis amazing that over here there are still the down moments, you know the complete lack of faith and humanity seems doomed and somehow you are the bringer of that. A start reminder that no matter where you are or what you do a change of scenery will help but underlying issues always remain no matter what

Reminds me of a msn chat with someone the other night who called me weird strange. As in nutter strange not as in wiring. In the past thats a comment but now, for some reason just feels a touch cutting. No idea why that happens to be said now and its gotten to me, perhaps the person who said it?

On the flip side has a pleasant text from kiwi bird , you know the one from Brunch the other day (will add search words so you can find here) and she even called me. Somehow I more than smell a rat here. Even odder was to catch myself having a bit of a smile. Soon put a stop to that, this karma thing has gone just a touch too far. Anyhoo just very odd but a good odd, now if only the shrink could help me associate with that @nice@ feeling.

Right so sunday flying back to the uk back to Amsterdam and then to Cardiff. Wont know if I can get back till the day before I fly due to weather. Out here the blood things to accept the climate change upwards, since we hit feb and yes its only been 5 days, the temperature has gone up a degree daily! Over in cardiff the BBC have informed me that its 1 degree. 25 here… one there. Remember bleeders (blog readers) there’s no central heating to go back to either!

Oh and to put things into context even more. One of the Arab ministers here as seen that food is on the decrease in price, up to 50%. ALL shops and ALL restaurants, eateries etc MUST pass on this saving to the customer BY LAW. Think about that, in a months time its going to be just as cheap to eat in or eat out. Thats how you stimulate people, not a useless 2% off everything.

Quick “waiting for the results of a meeting and killing time” update

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