Blown away, back to training,

Its not often that somethings happens which leaves me speechless for more than a brief moment, last night though, was completely blown away.

Right now just listening to a track called Wasted that’s on Tiestos in search of sunrise 3 something or other. It was the track that came onto the ipod just as I landed in Dubai and by an odd bit of similarity, the track that was playing when I hit the shores of home.

Stunned… shocked… and perhaps… just even a slightest hint of a smile. (Bet thats cursing it)

Anyhoo tonights step into getting back into the real world is.. Im going back kickboxing training. Yep after 7 months of piling booze down my neck tonight i will be going. No excuses for being tired or lagged and yes, I know the living daylights will be kicked out of me, the piss merrily taken.

As it now doubt shows, thoughts are more than the ramblings put together in a blog format. So tired even with a time difference of 4 hours. Its not just that when you take into account the heat… 6am there its 21 degrees.. here…-2 go figure.

Back in work life we have a new starter soon…… That should be interesting.

Blown away, back to training,

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