Review : Skype To Go, Saving money on mobile phone calls

The premise of this service seems confusing at first but after trialing it today (yup I saw too bad, its a calling card without having to use a calling card. Using your mobile and free minutes to a land line you should be able to save some money.. or can you..

In a nutshell
Sign up to get a skype to go number
Pay for credit
Add speed dial entries to your account
You get a local rate number to call
Call it and you can make cheap calls to anyone in the world as if you were skype

So in theory use your free mobile minutes to call a land line which then forwards to a number somewhere

Heres how it breakdowns
Assuming that I’m using free minutes to make the inital call

Orange to UK mobiles normally is 34p

Orange to skype to vodaphone is 16.5p – based on free minutes
saving £££ on a half decent natter

Now lets assume that I run out of free minutes, after all 500 minutes a month might sound a lot

but 500 mins / 60 mins in a hour = 8.3 hours a month
8.3 / 4 = 2 hours a week

With no free minutes left on my account it STILL works out cheaper!

Orange to skype 12p
Skype to vodaphone 16.5p totalling 28.5p just shy of 9p a minute cheaper!!

If you have Wifi on your phone then its just the standard skype rates

Had I known this when I was in Dubai, the 400 quid phone bill would be a thing of the past. You can sign up for any number of local rate numbers

Review : Skype To Go, Saving money on mobile phone calls

2 thoughts on “Review : Skype To Go, Saving money on mobile phone calls

  1. jacque says:

    I’m confused. Can anyone help me out? I am going to Ireland and want to call the U.S. I have a cell phone and a computer (MAC) with me. If I sign up for Skype world wide do I use my cell to make calls? and if so, does my service AT&T then charge me for calls from Ireland to the US? AT&T will give me a month service for 5.99 but then it is 1.00 a minute? What to do??? HELP. I’m old and tired of this new stuff!

    1. marxworld says:

      Ok. The best thing to do is get skype on the mac and then use that to call back home from a Wifi point. You can use skype to go so that you call a number here in the uk that then routes to the usa.

      Think thats it

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