Abit No More

“That’s it for good now” Abit have finally closed their doors after 20 years in the motherboard market

Abits plans was to move out of the motherboard market and into the consumer electronics market with products like digital picture frames and mobile internet devices.

Well it looks like the global recession has put paid to those plans. Sources at South East Asian distributors have told us that parent company USI has run out of patience and decided to pull out of the channel market entirely.

The whole of abit is now in the process of liquidation, we are told, and the process is expected to be completed in around a month.

There certainly doesn’t seem to be any sales and marketing operation any more. Marketing director Thore Welling sent us an email early this morning in which he said: “After 20 years in the market the abit brand now bids farewell, so it’s also time for me now to lock the doors of the marketing department. That’s it for good now.”

We also rang abit’s office in Holland and were told there was no marketing department. We did speak to someone in the finance department who didn’t want to reveal her name. She confirmed that not only has abit not been selling mainboards since the start of the year, but has stopped selling any products whatsoever and the office is only being kept going to handle warranties.


Abit No More

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