Another yet overdue update

Its just gone midnight, tired, cold coming and trying to work out why server 2008 is refusing to play ball with hyper v.  Why because its seems that im hauling ass to Dubai again in just a few days.  not bad just a bit of a pain in the ass seeing as at the end of THIS week I had something special planned…

A wealth of things to do including a lot of salvaging and trying t get back up to date money wise.  O.. for some reason my licence was illegal and the car was impounded. Im sure that I blogged about that last week but seems that it dint post (like a lot of posts)

Anyhoo the good news is that its not going to cost 50 notes for another licence. Good news because it cost me 230 quid to get the car out of the impound and by god that was a bloody nightmare on its own. Something I wil write about in a letter format to send to the chief constable at the same time.  Moving on… Busses… I still bloody hate them although at the moment its not been THAT bad, well if you consider waiting in the pissing rain for the bus that comes along with no heating….

The whole sleeping in the bed thing is not going well.  Seemingly not sleeping in the bed for a few months.. well . 8 might have left it in a state that im waking up with the worlds biggest migraine each and every morning. This renders me bloody useless in the morning to say the least.

Back to the Dubai thing, its going to be manic. To give an idea

The cat needs to goto a cattery
But it cant because it needs its final shots
It can have one shot now but another one in 3 weeks
So I can get 1 shot done.. but
need to pay off the outstanding vet bill
and then pay for the shots
And even then she has to have one then another one…
in 3 weeks time
So she spends 2 weeks at KW 😀 and then a week at the cattery

The suitcase I have got completly busted up as well on the last trip back as well so that needs to be sorted…. this is just the start of it all

Along side all this the compelte failure of setting up the 2nd windows server at home, coupled along with the pressure jsut to get out there, specialtech and other things.. No wonder just a touch not with it.

So I think that being said its time to come up with a aplan tomorrow on how to install server stuff for a final trial run, train someone up dead quick in the ways of support, wait for accounts to be done then drop the bombshell to work that im off again.


Another yet overdue update

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