Star Trek – A light hearted SCI FI film finally

So just got back from the cinema after finally seeing Star Trek, the plan was to see it last weekend but somehow I ended up being dragged into see the oddly placed prequel, wolverine.

I have to say that all in all it was one of the better films Ive watched since the Dark Knight.  The plot is plausible and fits right in there with the pre TNG era and does do a lot of work for the original star trek era, introducing pike (who was taken hostage in the first trek episode) and bows more than one or two considerable nods to the movies and foibles of the previous / future films.

its a film that has a lot to do and a lot to carry. First off its trying to establish the characters for almost a new era of star trek viewers. TNG has been off the air for some time and with the last franchise going in a brave but doomed season arc based episode format it does hold its head up above water but at times, just.

Being in the early thirties there was an almost childish glee of seeing the Enterprise in the dock, some class one liners, an interesting turn around on the Urhura, spock and then the smile bringer to bring all smiles… Seeing Leonard Nimoy.  Somehow his presence in the film whilst at times feeling forced did seem to make this  a proper Trek movie.  However for a film that’s bordering on fun and serious its not without its flaws.

This is a film that more than begs for a directors edition to pad out things.  There were more than one or 2 cut aways and cut scenes that just seem chopped and almost out of synch.  One being where Scotty, not long introduced is dropped through a water pipe and hints at a nice bit of banter which suffers from one of just a few awkward cuts.

You cant blame the producers in a way as there is a backlash going on with films that tell a story for more than a hour and a half.  A few scenes could of been replaced to allow for more dialogue between characters. 

Most of the dialogue on establishing the ships crew was limited to either pleasantries or one liners for the old guard trek fans.  You feel the attachment right at the end between Spock and kirk but for the most the other characters seem bolted on.  There is some slightly odd casting as well but any film that Winnona Ryder stars in and she doesn’t manage to wreck it. Sylar, sorry Zachary manages to flit between an odd sense of feeling to then suddenly being new / old spock like an old glove.  Its the end bond between kirk and spock that alone brings his performance out.

With the ship now finally under sail this film defiantly lends itself to a sequel.  Its been a while for a film to enduce a smile fest and nostalga from a prequel make. Whereas with Wolverine you were watching it as part of the ride at parts there is a little of involvement but thats if you are familiar with the Trek franchise.  If not, theres a lot worse to be watching.

So a marxworld rating of 4 out of 5 based on films seen so far this year.

Star Trek – A light hearted SCI FI film finally

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