A frustrated Mind and a few conspiracies…

Gah, frustration of the first degree this weekend.  After being back in the uk for a little under a month now having time off I have to take  the trip back there to finish off, only this time its a bit of a bigger trip, if things work out…am I coming back.

Dubai is a place for the wealthy and the jet set but you ahve to be in a certain mind set to work there and survive.  In a lot of ways you deal with the punches and it pushes you to carry on to actually at least try, well at times.  Other times you have the shizzle kicked out of you. Ones thing for sure, business mind wise and hand on heart its definatly not me, to say im out of my depth there.  My life is dealing with 10 and 20s life of there is the same but always add a few more zeros to the end.

Anyways conspiracy theorys….

1.  Super unleaded petrol gives better milage to the gallon.
Fact, well at least on my car. I have done Bristol and back and a few trips to town and more and averaged over 41 miles to the gallon , even on small trips mpg was significantly up.  So why the higher price then, well its a lot like Disel, that gives better mileage as well so by making it more expensive its that thing of being lulled into a false sense of security.

Other things with regards to super unleaded
Better mileage to the gallon
Better throttle responsiveness
Increased torque
Feels cleaner

So on one car this is all a bit suspect. So I got a mate to do the same and she reported the same thing and all off the above.  Its like the tesco sausages I had this weekend.

2. The Tesco deals conspiracy

20 for 2 quid.. Bargain you think.. Hmmm an offer THAT good on the end isle.  So being the sort i am and looking at the weights and such the irish sausages that I got in the end were the same weight and didnt look as big.. Suscpect and for 10 cost 94p  No big deal there you think, until the time it was to cook them.

The barbie is fired up and the irish ones go on first.  Cooked perfectly and thats half amazing for being cooked by me.  Went down a treat (see the facebook for it)

Next onto the tesco ones and this is where it got interesting.  Once they started to exploed the amount of fat that spat out in a small jet (no kidding) was amazing.  The side effect of this is that fat on a fire has the effect of it turning from an ideal cooking source to a raging inferno.  So if you are short of fuel or something to get a fire going, tesco sausages are the future.

3. London Airports are being anti competative.
Earlier this year I could fly to Dubai from Cardiff and have a one hour lay over in Dam.  On the way back a 2 hour lay over.  Now things have changed and its nigh on impossible to get from cardiff to Dubai without 4 hours minimum stop over pretty much each way.

So this now makes it quicker and only a little bit more expensive to
Catch the train to cardiff
Catch the train to paddington
Catch the heathrow express
Get on the plane.

Wait. no its cheaper because all the major airlines are offering deals from the London airports ONLY to go to major destinations. Cardiff to Dubai return is 420, from london includin the trains.. 380.

Why is it that petrol prices have gone through the roof in the last 2 weeks but no one is shouting about it.  is it because the mp and expenses saga.  Media diversion and press PR.  Only this weekend I was talking to a lovely lass who works for PR for the government and they were trying to brainstorm how to make the goverment look better. Their end result was that you cant but what a great diversion from things that actually affect us on a daily basis. 

Lets face it that money is gone, those who pay it back its a drop in the ocean compared to the big scheme of things but the public does love a outcry of some sorts, odd that … in the middle of a recession and that taken a back burner.  Its a whole different post is that.

A frustrated Mind and a few conspiracies…

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