The Real Reason Baseball on 5 was cancelled

It was a bolt out of the blue when baseball on Five was cancelled this year with no apparant reason.  Ok so there was something about the cost of USA sports being imported but that hasnt stopped things like basketball, nascar et all.  Now with one of the other channels getting the superbowl its now obvious why five has given up with the usa sports…

Ofcom to allow teleshopping on PSBs

Commercial public service broadcasters ITV, Channel 4 and Five will be allowed to carry teleshopping, Ofcom has announced.

“Against the background of falling advertising revenues, Ofcom has made changes to allow broadcasters to generate additional revenues from teleshopping,” the media regulator announced today.

Last October, Ofcom indicated that it was planning such a move on the basis that the impact of allowing it on the public service channels “would be modest”.

Under the new rules, teleshopping will be permitted between midnight and 6am on public service channels, and a rule limiting teleshopping to three hours per day on other channels will be “relaxed”.
source – digital spy

Ok so i was never personally a massive baseball fan but appreciated a good game when it was on and it helped me more than once with my break up with the ex but to cite some vague reason before ofcom publishings are made to the general public is just a touch deceptive.

So ill go on the record saying that 12 years is amazing for ANY program to be on tv let alone baseball. Better shows have been cancelled that have cost less in syndication so thats it.. The end of baseball being shown in the UK.  The bbc have too many commitments and targets to meet with regards to public sector broadcasting to even warrant showing baseball

The Real Reason Baseball on 5 was cancelled

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