What a day to say the least. from a installation of a firewall going ok to a failed vpn setup, shorewall setup, email that worked, didnt work and then worked and then leaving us not sure if it worked, its been one hell of a day…

The afternoon ended with emails being sent and received from one internal account to external and then a reply back. That worked one site and not the other thus leaving me wondering if the vpn is working properly and in turn a sleepless nights.

Saying that the guy from watchguard firewall, which btw we went to because no one in sonicwall ever replies to an email. So if you are reading this sonic wall thats 5 units you lost out on with another 10 on the way.  Anyways watchguard guy was spot on and got things going. Odd thing is that I can ping the router but remote access to it is  no no.  With that being the least of the worries I just want to know the office email works

Site 2 , internal mail to external mail and then a reply from external mail worked
Yet site 1, the main fucking important office can send and not receive.

Who the fuck would use shorewall as a firewall when its got a limited support area and the documentation on a wiki isnt the best.  Still it does work to a point I suppose but you cant beat a product with that pick up and call someone for help ability.

So its another sleepness night not nowing if something is going to work or not. Yes I can roll back to the old hardware and prey a bit that it works leaving me in a situation of having hardware on a site that theres no control over.

On top of all this, pressures from work leading to a massive amount of friction arent helping.

For example, we have a banner on a site that points to a product.  This banner is on over 9000 pages.  THe product was disabled and therefore clicking the banner brings up a this product is out of stock link.  This was the case for over a week. ok the guys are busy so I emailed them to let them know…

No reply
So I email the people who I put the banner up for to email them to say it was down.
They got a reply straight away.  Interesting to say the least dont you think.

Coupled with that its the 1 year anniversary since I split with Kari. Thats not put me in a good mood. Along with her adding me to msn with a fake msn that I know isnt her most logged into one.  One year and the addage of be carefullof what you wih for comes true.  If you wish you were dead its not often smply as that, dead can be dead on the inside, emotionally, little or no desire.

Ack its bed time , theres a direct relationship between being tired and thinking things id rather not,a fter barely eating all day its time to sign off.

Take it easy all


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