Does bad luck really come in three’s ?

After a meeting yesterday that didnt for once I dont feel that Ive come out on the arse end of it and subsequently feeling none to bad about things, today is rapidly becoming “one of those days” From the moment of donning some jeans to look smart for another presentation today its all gone a bit pear.

I should explain that here its 9.45 (6.45 in the uk). Its a fairly unexciting routine in the morning consisting of

Wake up
Get dressed (partially)
check mail etc

Just that today when getting dressed my nicest set of jeans, also known as the only semi decent pair that fit me as I refuse to spend a shedload of cash on them, ripped. Not just a small hole but a hum dinger of one just where the right testicle nestles. Great. At first it was a small little thing, not the testicle but the rip and then it grew. Ok so that easy to put down to one of those things.

Getting into the office to chat to management to put the facts right that issues are sorted, before Ive had a chance to breath, sit down, get a brew Im handed a mobile phone bill from accounts. Its only 200 notes which isnt really that bad considering im calling the uk a lot but still I know the real reason why its come up, weve entered the corporate politics world of us vs them.

Perhaps I should explain a little. The guy who is supposed to “work” with me is one of those slippery types. Always working behind the scenes, empire building, keeping tabs on anything, never making a decision but quick to point out that such and such is broken. No real value to what Im trying to do.

It shouldnt of come as a surprise that I got stung with the phone bill as accounts are out to pretty much “get us” as they are in league with my colleague. Its the little things like no longer saying hello, the lass who makes the tea never making one any more and when someone walks past you and not even registering you by looking in your eyes. Yep, something is amiss here. Still they havent seen the report thats been drafted up about all this.

I wouldnt have minded as much but the woman who gave me the bill is a notorious blabbermouth and as I write its gone from me paying some of the bill to all of the bill, even the stuff thats worked related. So what next? Get my old sim back that was lost originally and hit the payg up. If people ask why im not in touch with regards to work then its simple, im not paying for work based calls.

So thats 2 things which is making things feel just a tad crap. Think Ill go home for an hour later.

Does bad luck really come in three’s ?

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