Rampant Mumblings

Well, what a morning so far!

Woke up late, got to work late to then be bugged by people pestering for things that I have nothing to do with, the very people that are trying to stiff me on my mobile bill whilst working away.  One month is being paid for and then out of the blue im paying for all personal calls which is fine but then ALL work calls as well. The very calls that are stopping downtime in the company. 

Next a phone call just as I hit lunch by the Techie on site.  The same techie who has no idea on the basic methods of trouble shooting.  The cry of “the network has gone down” regins supreme until a ping test or an ipconfig just reveals how fucking stupid people can be.   Like I said the VPN goes down due to heat. Whoever thought of the brain stormer of an idea of placing the server and the comms equipment in a disussed toilet with a missing extractor fan but yet still beliving that a fan pulling coldish air from from one room into the small sweat box would be more than sufficient.

So anyways now Im sat on the 18th floor over in an important meeting that decides if or when I go back to the UK and finally realising that the proposal which was crafted over for ages was completly bloody no good and got changed at 5am last night.  We were supposed to be kicking off at 1430 but its now 1500 thus meaning that we wont be about of here till1700 and there still the matter of another two meetings after this.

Yes know its whinge whinge whinge moan moan moan. Was funny walking into the office, my colleague got to kiss the project manager on both cheeks whereas I get the typical stiff upper lip, pint of guiness handshake  Even odder was the office where the meteting was being held at.

A quiet office where no one speaks and all the heads look up whenever anyone walks into the room as if you say :are you local, we’ll have no trouble here”.  Yup is thats restraine bored just doing the work because theres not other jobs out here environment.  Will post more later.

Rampant Mumblings

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