Othello syndrome

Whoa, after a few weeks of non blogging my hits have sky rocketed to about 70 a day. Thats impressive for me to say the least, still off the heady days of over 200 a day.. Aah yes the old marxworld. Anyways today’s randomness came about reading a very obscure article regarding something called Othello syndrome

This could be one of those sheer conincedental things where you see a symptom and then apply to yourself because it seems to fit something but this one suited everything down to the ground.

From : www.medterms.com

Othello syndrome: The delusion of infidelity of a spouse or partner. The Othello syndrome affects males and, less often, females. It is characterized by recurrent accusations of infidelity, searches for evidence, repeated interrogation of the partner, tests of their partner’s fidelity, and sometime stalking. The syndrome may appear by itself or in the course of paranoid schizophrenia, alcoholism, or cocaine addiction. As in Othello, the play by Shakespeare, the syndrome can be highly dangerous and result in disruption of a marriage, homicide and suicide.

The Othello syndrome is also known as delusional jealousy, erotic jealousy syndrome, morbid jealousy, Othello psychosis, or sexual jealousy.

The Othello syndrome was named by the English psychiatrist John Todd (1914-1987) in a paper he published with K. Dewhurst entitled “The Othello Syndrome: a study in the psychopathology of sexual jealousy” (Journal of Nervous and Mental Disorder, 1955, 122: 367). Todd was also the first to name the Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

Interesting that isnt it.  Although technically not cheated on at the start I suffered from the Alcholism thing to say the least and the path back, like all addictions or issues etc is definatly harder than the road to hell.  Redemption, why is that always so much more difficult to deal with than temptation?

With all the things going on in the world at least the drinking has slowed right down. No more, well at least a lot less week type drinking, a couple at the weekend and that’s it.  Its been interesting due to the change in character whilst not drinking.  A hangover requires a lot more concentration to be applied just to make it through the day.  Now I’m persistently tired and basically boring to be around and that’s been mentioned more than once.  Deep down even I know it.  Yes illness has had a part to play as well.

Anyways Im off to look at hits and see where they are all coming from and will try to write something a bit more intersting shortly.

Othello syndrome

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