Drunken Rambles

For the first time in over a week I hitthe pub and had , well, about 3 whch was more than enough to say the least.  Its odd because at the moment drinking just doesnt do it any more for me, doesnt seem to fill a void.  Its more intersting being sober on a daily basis and seeeing what person I am when sober rather than being hammered andthen being in a comatose hungover state each and every day.  A message from someone always makes me feel better (thanks CL)..

Just a quote from tv, men are at their most weakest when they are at their happiest, isnt that the truth..  Right now im so tired and beaten down. Dubai is hard enough with no support network.  Its a vicious place at the best of times, think of the pretenciousness of London and then times that by 100, you get the idea.  Yes perahps i suffer from little man syndrome but it does exist..  I kid you not that most people here are taller, fitter, stronger and all that crap. Its almost like evolution in your face where like attracts like, the beautifull people etc

Tonight im being told im not doing this, that or feeding back, which is true and it comes don to the simple fact of where the hell is my hunger, the fight, spirit, god damnit anything to get me up of my ass. After just having brushed my teeth and looking in the mirror at my eyes, how are my eyes so light yet the pupils so black.

In this time of recession I know one thing , evolution is in full effect.  Weve all ben warned.

Drunken Rambles

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