Quick Dubai Update

Ack what a few weeks, liver problems, kidney problems and now Im just about sick of being here in some ways, then again what do I have to come back to the UK for. Its like being trapped between the devil and the deep blue see.

Dont get me wrong its nice here but its the same old for me personally, no friends, no family and Im just getting a touch bored of my own company for to talk to. There are only so many places you can walk to on your own, eat on your own and its not like theres a decent bar around here where “someone knows your name” (not quite the cheers reference there I was after)

As I’m sat here now I wait for a phone call from Australia to get them to check over the mail server that’s installed here, when thats done, sign off and one step closer to get away from going into the office everyday as per the norm. The london job im not sure on whats going on with that, less money, not sure about the hours but closer to home (wherever that is)

Right time to skulk off to the server room for a kip, gotta have some advantages here 😀

OO and if anyone has the topless pics of lady gaga, send em over, seems that jennifer aniston topless gets a massive 40 + hits a day still!

Quick Dubai Update

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