The unrequited one from my almost local . Damn it why do some women just have that smile and eyes thing?  By no means is she the most attractive one there but she’s the one that has “one of those things”.  This mean that she HAS To be a psycho, anyone who follows my blogs know that mentalists are attracted to me. Not in the way of attraction as in hello kitty but, ah a fellow mentalist that I can box the ears off. (this is the gribz edit..)

Yes I’m more than aware the lonely situation that i’m in means that things appear to be what they aren’t and yes. , I know it’s her job to talk to me even tho she sometimes comes over my side of the bar and yet even tho I am telling myself this my stupid brain still clings on to the stupidest smallest thread of thinking maybe …. Just maybe I am in with a wild shot. Yes I was always the king of holding onto the long outside chances, to which, none to date have ever amounted to anything.

Lol reading all these stupid books on how to talk to people has left me in a situation of being so utterly unprepared if I get past the first sentance. God damn it why taunt me saying you are going to the gym no less than 5 seconds walk from, swapping e email addresses ( thanks books ) if she has a fella. To the one lass who reads this…. You are all mental to say the least.

Anyways two weeks till I head hone for a few weeks take stock of life and se what’s what in the world. Good news is that the ex has not been in touch for a few weeks since top gear ended. Of all the things in the world that went wrong there is nothing more I wish for that those Sunday nights meant something…. King of wishfully thinking strikes again


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