Snow leo

As another weekend decends upon me here in Dubai it’s time to start thinking of what to do at the weekend. So at midnight 9pm for you um people, I was in the line to get snow leopard fro my local mac store. Being honest my laptop is aging now and I don’t see a performance boost happening like with windows 7 on the same hardware but it was nice to talk geek stuff in the shop for just a shirt while and learn something well at least from the manager. The staff semes to think I could only have it if I had bought a new mac in the last year. Even the manager said the staff were poor but what do you expect for a monthly wage of two hundred notes…

Notes from the pub

: mad south African barmaids who thinks I’m a dick is here, from the hop fest
: lots of women here tonight. Must be cabin crew
: fosters takes poor tonight. Oy in Dubai does it ever taste nice..!honest!
: thank god for the staff who seem to like , or like laughing at me which means I get served promptly.
: woman in mall who recognized me sat across from me and kept looking over . By the time I had a plan to speak to her she had finished lol.
: playing is it brass or is it a bird is no fun on my own
: should I be worried that the local brass smile at me and seem to almost be friendly with me.
: hoping the brass don’t think on gay and on the game
: do I really look gay with short hair. The mullet is coming back

Snow leo

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