The case of the missing mx records and bird or brass

What the hell just happened today.  Just out of the blue our email stops working , people complain and after six shouts in find out that our mx record is missing.  Even odder because there hasn’t been a mx record as I’m on a static ip address but does that mean you still need an mx entry.  Updated.  Sorted as of 01/09/2009 so Im off to the pub where I wont try iphone blogging again drunk 😀  read on though for how to play my new pub game.. Bird or Brass

Just what I didn’t need near the end on my contract here just when I’m about to start negotiations to stay here for a little longer. Problem is just might have missed the boat as the are aparsntly interviewing someone for the Jin. That in itself is more than interesting as they don know what it they have so how can they interview for the job they know nothing about. If Nything I should be doing that but such is the way things are beig done here.

The plan is to get into the role for three to six months but under some terms like not working a full week and pitch it to save them money, which it will. In the meantime I can work on other things as well, or maybe just a touch of wishfully thinking.

It’s all money driven but how much is putting up with shit really worth. Specialtech is down the pan now sk it’s time to let go of one of the hardest things I ever worked at.

I always said there is change every year, friends move , change jobs, move on, couples split up and it seeks that this year is my turn again dammit.

One more for the road to play bird or brass. A great game to play bit just a tad easy. If a bird smiles or looks at me then it’s brass but the one across the way looks almost normal, well as much as a woman can. As I always say snakes with tits. One of the only creatures that will bleed for a week and not die. That, like all women, just doesn’t make sense at times.

Back to bird or brass. The amount of drink they have is also an indicator with the exception of the Russians. Normal brass make a drink last all night and that’s just a half.

Different nationalities smoke differnt types of cigarettes as well to add to the mix. If it looks long and slim and almost chain smoking or they think that blowing a carcegenic type substance in yor llyour face is appealing. That’s brass.

It’s still a laugh that some of them bow acknowledge me because they see me regularly but never speak to me which proves a level a standard previously not known about. As I just were this the fit, not too old blonde one, just smiled and nodded her head at me. Guess what. Brass lol

Another thing to help decode bird or brass that’s just been noticed is jewellry. Minimal on brass as it could get lost or stolen. Perhaps I spend too much time thinking about these things.

The case of the missing mx records and bird or brass

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