Back in the uk, the uk transport system sucks at times

Bloody nora what a journey that was. Leaving at 9pm uk I eventually get back to base at 6pm the next day. That was a journey and a bit.

It all started at Dubai and went wrong from there. Loosing the wallet in the taxi just before catching the plane was a bit of an omen for how the rest of thngs were about to go. On the plane, sandwiched between 2 rather large people which is no bad thing as im small but the women in the window just had the worst wind ever. Even I manage to keep it in when in a confined space.

Food time on the plane.  Its a choice of eggs or pancakes.  Lets try the eggs.  Over they come but completly not cooked.  They might of been ok but lets not take that risk as they like to feed us before turning the lights out for some sleep.  After eventually attracting another steward I try the pancakes.  Advertised as just pancakes you think ah ha thats ok.  Nope… these were filled with fruit that I cant abide.  Third time lucky I finally go back to the eggs and well, at least they were mildly warm.

The touchdown in amsterdam early was a good thing.  Of course at 5am in the morning nothing is open and no food available so plane food was the only thing in my system to “keep you going” is the “food” on the plane.

The next plane was Amsterdam to Heathrow and for once I got there 20 mins early to wait in lie instead of running for the last boarding shout like I normally end up doing.Plane was 20 mins late taking off due to what seemed to be the slowest check in ever.  The line barely moved as obviously this was a British crew on this flight (you can always tell) and suddenly the pace picked up when it was getting near and then past the allotted take off time.

This meant that touching down in heathrow was late, the luggage being unloaded late. So now its 9am my time back in the uk, stuck in heathrow trying to find the express line to Paddington. Women comes up to say head to platform three and after a walk and a half to say the least up I arrive to be told im at the wrong platform and to walk 7 mins in the direction I just came from.

10 mins later the train is 15 mins away from the platform. Eventually getting to Paddington LATE this means an hour wait for the train.

Arriving in cardiff, late, up to the man behind the counter whos job it is to help people yet somehow, a friendly enquiry as to when my next train invoked a look as if id asked him to carry me on his shoulders to home. Not moving from his desk he shouts its 2.05. Great an hour and half to kill. Tramping up and down cardiff for that time trying to find free wifi was a pita with a bag and suitcase.

Thats when I realised just how rude people can be walking down the street. I mean is it too much to give way to someone with a suitcase and rucksack without a look of indignation. Obviously manners have become a thing of the past in the last three months.

My train arrives on time to then go slower ans slower and the 2 and a bit hour journey takes about 3. 5pm ish I arrive back at home. That was a long journey. 20 hours just to be cold… Still making the most of it, catching up on things and its nice to have net that works at a decent speed!

Back in the uk, the uk transport system sucks at times

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