I still dont see the attraction of facecu*t

Right so its been a week that Ive been back and sweated my bollocks off each and every day so far so its fair to say im not in the best of modds. Thursday night at home with that feeling of just not being at ease with the world. For a laugh I head over to facebook…

It cant just be me that thinks its just a self serving method for everyone to show how you dress up, get hammered and then show off ingeneral about how glamarous you can or cant look and then post your throughts onto the web.

Ah if only it was posting thoughts onto the web.. let me give you an example of some posts that my “friends have”

xx has just finished spring cleaning…
xx is waiting at a train station
xx doesnt know what to do

dear god, is that it.  You clean and then decide to tell the 200 people on your list that youv’e done a task that pretty much everyone else does in the world at least once in their life?

Ok so at a train station, which I still don’t understand why the food shops CLOSE at 6pm when most people are traveling through but such is the mentality of the uk where banks still have less people on the tills at lunch time and every phone center you call is always “experiencing a high demand right now”  How can that be, surely trends are plotted and forecast for. Jesus if we can bloody predict flu outbreaks 4 years in advance because that’s how long it takes for jabs to be manufactured then why is no one thinking ah, hang on, lets promote a way to make the most out of lunch time daily chores.

You know i’ll actually take myself off it, if ever there is a reminder of how ostracised from people I am its when they block you from getting the pathetic updates from their lives because its that imporant that they dont tell you that they are in a train station. Me I dont block them beause, well, whats the point im posting the same shit but at least I twitter.

On a random note a strange pub / woman event happened.  Even after being away for a few months seeing and learnign stuff I still cant bloody tell if a lass is intersted or not and yet the other night there seemed to be some sort of eye contact and thats where my own personal phychosis kicked in.  How does it work that you see a lass, shes not that attractive, not that good body wise (and no Im not into slim birds what so ever) BUT there was that something about her.  She was northern and thats a good start, how can you not love accents like that and I cant be the only person alive to find the Geordie accent on a lass more than attractive.

3 days later contact is made, and of course too much thinking and not enough being me the attempt one of those classic moments of red facedness trying to talk to women moments.  Full of beer and spirit last night I thought, right, beer on friday, darts, im going to bally way say hello with no other intent than saying hello.  The reality sphere kicks in as I then find out that last night was her last night around here lol

And on that note. Bed time

I still dont see the attraction of facecu*t

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