Dr. Who. “The End Of Time..” About time

Well there it was, the final swansong to the latest Doctor, in a 2 hour special that tried to go on an action fest, failed and a unpredictably long build up to an anti climatic ending, barring the last 15 minutes which was a shameless David Tennant goodbye fest.

The first half of the end of time seemed to serve as a big build up to a pay off for the second part, universally slated by those on the net who like to write this stuff like I do.

Just like the Day of the triffids remake shown on BBC its plot was predictable and as soon as you saw the new planet of Gallifrey, surprise surprise, the doctor was going to have to kill once again and the master gets taken along with them.  A sore opportunity missed to explore backgrounds of the time wars to say the least not to mention an endless stream of plot arcs.

Whilst on that note its rare these days for a show to have a plot arc and stick to it.  What I mean by that is that unlike star trek where events that happened the previous week were forgotten a sage nod is given to those to have a bit of intelligence to remember things and dont need the endless stream of repeating.

Take half the showson american tv, mythbusters being the worst.  The presenter will tell the myth, the voice over will then repeat the myth and how its going to be solve and then back to ANOTHER presenter to say the same but only slightly different.  For gods sake.

To make people sit down and watch a TV show takes something and for the most part, Dr. Who managed that. In a world of Iplayer, time shift tv, tivo and sky plus people were sitting down to watch it, even if the BBC had made this the moment of tv to watch above all others.

Back to the who, being severly flawed on so many levels it’s saving grace was the final 15 minutes of a protracted good bye which gave a nod to all the main characters during Tennants tenure, including that dead weight Martha Jones, and along the way passing a nod to the Star Wars Cantiana.   All well really and did give a fitting feeling that it was the end of that Doctor’s reign hopefully pathing a new way for fresh Doctor not caught up in previous time lines

Dr. Who. “The End Of Time..” About time

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