Guess who pulled :D

Wow. Well Friday night came and went and guess who actually not only managed to talk to a woman and not insult her and send her running within mere moments of me being in the same room but TWO women.  Odd things have happened but this doesn’t normally happen to yours truly.

After yet another horrifically bad performance ay playing darts its fair to say that I wasn’t exactly in the mood to be going out but stil we went.  We could of gone to another local and done the same old same old.

It was one of those moments where you clock someone the moment you see them and bingo that was it, walking in last into the pub and even then clocking the two of them straight away but especially Vikki.

Ive always said that a weakness of mine is a womans smile, not just that polite company smile but a smile that you know you have generated that you are respnsible for.  Yeah I know call is sentimental clap trap but beneath this beaten exteria, a husk of a former person I still see a few nice things in the world.

Talking was effortless, going between the bumbling to the confident in equal strides making her smile and have a laugh which the books say is important.

I even got her number, so give it the three day treatment and lets see what happens shall we

Guess who pulled :D

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