A weekend update

Well Friday was interesting, to say the least. Just down the road from town there was a nice secluded beach after a small walk down a hill that’s suffered with the raid. Not the best time to be wearing trainers designed for skateboarding. Still the walk was worth it to say the least.

I miss the sun, proper sun, not the mad dry sun of Dubai but the warming gentle stuff that hits the side of the face and its, well nice. Man alive I’m sure that nothing beats that sensation or has to go a long way to beat that.

Still there I am on a beach with a friend and, for the first time as long as I can remember, it was relaxing. She was ace to be around as well and its good to know that my psycho radar still works. Yup shes a mentalist, well I say that but shes an odd one being honest. In the middle of a split up with her ex, well is it the middle if it’s about 5 months down the line.

Promises are made and such to her by him like people change after their mistakes. Do they tho thats the thing. Much as I love to believe in the goodness of things, always seeking to see the good in things an that’s what worrying about this lass. She is actually one of the good ones and that’s rare for me to say that. Wonder if anyone can translate that when a woman says its over but is still a shoulder to cry on for her ex, does that mean it’s really over?

Still something is wrong in marxworld right about now and its all do to with families. I’ve spent time alone before now but it just seems recently families have been first and foremost on my mind.

I’ve watched all my exes this year take the next step in their relationships, get married, have kids and smehow, i m stuck on this bottom rung of it all. A the age of 32 this really isn’t a decent place to be, is this the start of yet another midlife crisis? Perhaps coveting something that other people have isnt healthy, as I’ve said before not everyone deserves a happy ending and yet still its a crave.

Getting back on saturday night on a night on the beer, walking into a cold house and sighing each and every time because I really cant remember what it’s like to wake up with somoene. Ack sentimentality, just a blip on the radar I hope.. but. Going back to friday and being on the beach, in the sun with someone chatting and just that sorta thing.

On that note its time for bed and to try and come u with something more interesting in the next blog

A weekend update

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