Sleep deprived

Great, since the weekend I’ve only been getting something close to 3 hours sleep a night, well solid sleep that is.  Put a mix in of really bad dreams and nightmares, its safe to say that today I feel just a little bit more than wrecked.  It’s quite amazing what a combination of being cold and tired does to the mind.  Concentration is completly shot for one an moving when cold seems to ache just a little bit more.  Don’t get me started about being warm…

My log burner was supposed to be mended over xmas, the snows came and put pay to that.  Then the fire was supposed to be mended 2 weeks after the start of this new year.  A month down the road I’m stil without a log burner, my only source of heat.

Whoever came up with the stupid number that you can run a radiator for 2p a day needs to be shot.  Yes you probably can if you think the heat from an LED light will keep you warm and take the chill off the place.  I was promised that it will be here tomorrow, could well be but I’m willing to bet a sheckle that the person needed to install it wont be and that’ll be another weekend of the colds again.

Work wise, I’ve never been busier but I suppose that’s what you get when you work for free for people.  It’s easy to turn 1k into 1250uk in a week but its when you dont get it back for a month, thats the bugger.

Right now all I want to do is sleep, there have been one to many blanket days these last few weeks.  For those not in the know, a blanket day is where you wake up, potter, decide that the world is just to much, head to the sofa, crash out on it and pull the blanket up and over you , including your head and sleep till things don’t seem so shite.  Then you realise it’s night time and you just end up dong a load of crap just to wait to fall asleep.

The ex broke a 2 week silence to tell me, of couse when I was enjoying myself watching tv, that she wanted an ipad.  Gah just leave me alone ok. You made your point, yes you are getting married and stuff.  Wow.  Just try doing it for the right reasons.

The Ex ex is also engaged now, at the age of 23 has a job moved in with her fella some while ago and by all acconts is doing a damn site better than myself.  This isnt some self deprecating rant more of an observation of how right people get it when im not with them.

Wonder if thers something more to this than Im seeing?

Sleep deprived

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