and still people look to me… Why

I don’t get this at all.  people ask me to do web stuff and I admit that I dont have the talent to do design work, code web pages, setup ecommerce stores but I have people that I can call on to to do that.  Is this just just the ultimate admission of bullshit, yet I know the times that I do put myself in the firing line I believe in what I do, I always believed in what I can… could.. believed…do

Saturday, a day of rugby, traditionally down with friends at the pub, relaxing , chilling out and just having fun.  God those times seem so  far away.  Weekends with the lads, friends, girlfriends doing weekend stuff.  Was a perceived age of fun and not so much innocence so really far away?

Perhaps is that thing of holding on to things an the lack of the accepting its time to grow up, maintaining a sort of innocence of those times where going out was free and fun.  The occasional night out in the week , moments grabbed of staying out till 11 with someone.   Yes all thsi now really seems like it never existed but stil kinda feel like it did.

Tonight I gave someone an answer to a question that they wanted to know for a few years now.  Perhaps setting myself up for a massive fall, however “behold I send you out as sheep amongst the wolves”

Gah.. wonder what its like to get into bed with the woman in your dreams.

and still people look to me… Why

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