In this semi pissed state that im in now Im trying to figure out if i am proving a point or is a point being proved to me.  I mean when you set out to seek an answer to something are you just trying to self justify what you already know?

Just recently in the last few weeks I have come under a tremendous amount of stick from people in the village, well not weeks months.  I’ve had identity theft, bullied, intimidated and I take that all in my stride because I know that I have done nothing wrong in this instance.

However last week was a different matter.   A complete cunt in the pub reminded me of a situation a while ago, years ago that happened and went down the road of intimidating me in front of the misses and the landlady.

This bought home 2 points.  I’ve still not paid pennance for a mistake and the most inportant thing is that people don’t forget.

Now I’ve made it clear that I really cant stand one of the local pubs in my village, the amosphere, people and attitude of it all just reeks to a level that I lack words for.  And then this week it hit me.

If I dont like  a place to go to because of the people there then the same must be likewise. I happen to like the landlord and lady of my drinking place and being a businessman Im perhaps more sensative to the slow business trade than others.. Then it hits me.  Perhaps… no… no perhaps. I am part of the thing that I actually dislike.  People don’t come to the place that I like to possibly because I am there.

Yep, I am part of that problem and this culimated in last week of not going out on my coveted friday night out.  Instead I stayed in. The glow of a monitor for light, a can of beer for company looking out of the window.  Of course this was a night where the pub was busy and I would of been safe.

Theres a time to fight for something and to give up. This is another time to give up.


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