Report: Fox to announce ’24’ axe

Fox is expected to announce the cancellation of 24 in a matter of days, according to internet rumours.

Various sources suggest that the real-time drama has been axed by the network, with a formal announcement expected shortly.

The show has faced problems recently with declining ratings and Fox has made no secret of the fact that it is an expensive show to produce. Network president Kevin Reilly recently admitted that a renewal for 24 is “a very tough call”.

Last year, Carlos Bernard – Tony Almeida on the series – hinted to Digital Spy that the current eighth season would be the last.

“I do, honestly [think season eight will be the last]. It’s pretty hard creatively to find ways of topping yourself season after season, but we’ve gone for eight so far, so who knows? Regardless I think we’re going to have a very good season this year.”


Report: Fox to announce ’24’ axe

210 hits on a day

Bloody hell where did that come from.  Thats a spike and a half that I really cant explain at all.  The jennifer aniston topless links remain a great way of getting people here.  Going with the Lilly Allen topless really doesn’t register on the perve radar it seems but Pixie and Peaches Geldoff topless is a certain way to get people onto the site.

Last nights post was a bit of a ramble to say the least.  You know that’s never going to go well when, from day 1, your accused of trying to chat up a 16 year old in a pub.

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210 hits on a day

Madness I tell you

What on earth is going on in the world when just standing in bar talking to someone leads to the inevitable conclusion that I fancy 16 year old girls and trying to get off with them. This was a statement presented to me by people who saw the back of the WOMAN I was speaking to across a very busy nightclub dance floor in a post apocalyptic haze of drinking.

Anyone who reads my blog knows of my tendancy to hold on to the past tighter than a jew with gold or fond memories that someone with altzihmer could keep a grip on, will know that my past is with me always and hence the saying, Im not ready or willing to get into a relationship. Yes, she is getting married and planning for kids but thats what the other side of the coin is all about, you move on in a hairs breathe to something new.

So imagine that something simple that started out as just having fun has now just turned into something, well, it can only be described as madness.

In short never get involved with a woman who has 2 brown babies! Honest to god women who like black cock are just mentalists and that’s not in a good way. Still it’s part and parcel of it all. What I don’t expect is every single aspect of my performance in and out of the bedroom to be common knowledge with an ex who then talks to a very good friend of mine who in turn tells me whats going on and being said.

That being said the truth is often the hardest thing we hear, again something else that I’ve been partied to. If it had beena question of someone just sayig shit to get a rise that;s one thing but some people just arent that clever and say what they think, that’s the time to listen.

Yes it’s true, putting on weight has been noticed But trying to say someone want’s to tame me.. Naa thats just not going to happen

Will explain more tomorrow when feeling a touch more lucid.

Madness I tell you