210 hits on a day

Bloody hell where did that come from.  Thats a spike and a half that I really cant explain at all.  The jennifer aniston topless links remain a great way of getting people here.  Going with the Lilly Allen topless really doesn’t register on the perve radar it seems but Pixie and Peaches Geldoff topless is a certain way to get people onto the site.

Last nights post was a bit of a ramble to say the least.  You know that’s never going to go well when, from day 1, your accused of trying to chat up a 16 year old in a pub.

The reality was that the WOMAN I was talking to has the same type of hair as a girl who is known around the village and from behind in a very noisy and drink fulled pub, looks a little similar to said GIRL.  At 2am in the morning geting called all manner of stuff from people who have nothing better to do than just make up half cocked ideas about it all.

Now that all got sorted out thank god things then mov eon from bad to worse with her telling the ex every.. single.. detail… EVERYTHING.  The said ex then telling a mate everything and bingo. Here we go again with this and that being said.

This is the real world more than ever now and it pains me to say this but it’s that tie again just to retract a bit from things that were a nice place to be and do, become a bit more of a recluse and get time to being, well on my own and just amusing myself.

That’s not an easy thing to do but I’ll choose one day a week that will be a night to go out, have fun, get smashed and then retract back, pulling a veil back over my life and all that goes on.  Knowing that friends get abuse about me when they go out in town because of me is something that needs to be sorted out.

My best friend will become a bicycle that which can only improve on the chubby ginger phsyique going on right now, that in turn means not needing the gym and the ulimate aim of saving money.  Hell take a look at the pic to the right, yes.. The garden has been tackled. (will update pic later)

night night everyone.. Night..

210 hits on a day

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