Its not change, its the end

Like the title says. It’s no longer a case of changes, it’s a time of things ending. That’s the change in the ai that I speak about.

As ruthless as change is, it’s no where near as bad as the ending of something. Just rencentky a lot of things have ended but like tv, there’s nothing to replace what’s been and gone.

The question now is do i wait for the end or meet it head on before it gets the better of things and at least go out before being fully down and out.

Grabbing sntaches of life no longer works. For every moment grabbed , ten come along and remind you of where things are.

Recently a mate of mine got married and yes, my invite was in the post And oddly enough never arrived. This guy I knew since I was about 12. Yeah I’m pissed off in a way but not at him as it’s my life and the way I am that meant annoffer was not followed up on. So, should u you read this PS I’m hounourednyou thought of me in you’re time of need and I know it doesn’t bother you but, if in the oddest of moments it does, I don’t blame you for the invite going “missing” and that my friend is genuine from the heart.

Moving on here I’m sat in my geotagged position with more than a touch of realism telling me where I reside in places

It’s that thing of being the shortest and fattest person on a room full of people dressed like waiters. Fuck know what coference is going on here but i fucking bate hotels near race courses. Of I could must up something in me to fight i would. But that’s the poinnt there is no fight left.

Back in the days I’d have gone tooth and nail, right to the limit with a rabid determination of someone young and idealistic. Now… Well now. Heh. What is, is , is. I vot beat up And laughed T but despite everything I still kept going and scorned those who just accepted things.

Think I’m kidding, abbey who has some ideals and morals Sells herself so short becaue of a lack of belief. Despite giving up she’s in a place of having a decent roof over the head, a decent job, nice car, family but is she happy in the heart. NO but that’s fhe price of acceptance. Why am I not with her, because I won’t be someone go between. I am not that grass is greener on the other side. Acceptance is a wonderfully thing.

So my point is that I do accept and acknowledge me, who I am and all that shit. Acceptance doesn’t mean I have toilet feeling like a cint tho.

Its not change, its the end

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