Like a warm blanket the drunkness surronds me which is always followed by a bout of pressing the backspace key to undo any stupid typing errors that hae happened. Is ay have happened because Im half watching some chimnese movie on film four about a virus thats infecting people.

Anyone who knows me is OBVIOUSLY on my face book and for the arrogant cunts who spy on what I do because…

1.. Your that fucking insecure
2.. You know your a cunt
3.. You don’t have to be humble because you weren’t ever THAT good!
4.. Never have the bollocks to say things to me to my face and sneak around

FUCK you. If you really think you are that good, that better than me then surely the moral highground is to negotiate but no, your lack of ideas, innovation are apparant. Still fuck this I’m not wasting my blog space on this.

The point is that last week I started to train, just a little, just something to enjoy the sun, get out, cycle and basically do something in the day and an odd this hashappened.

THe more I work out the more that i feel less inclined to drink beer, almost like aversion therapy now the more i work out the less Iw ant to drink, for me thats fucking amazing. Whilst I write this I wonder if a blog can ever be used for legal purposes .. but twitter..fuck YOU.. is that all you really have… seriously.. your best argument.

Right getting back to the point of this post, today ride, hurt, when your lungs are at capacity and you still find that extra breath to take, one more lung thats keeping you going to take another dep breath and then, right at the end of the ride an amazing thing happened, second wind.

Yes ok it was right at the end, my progress on getting fit is up for the world to view, comment, speculate and pass judgement on.



iphone 4 just announced (not called iphone hd)

Its just been announced the iPhone 4.  Quote  There are over 100 new features, but I’m going to cover 8. The first one? An all new design.”

Steve made a joke about stop me if you’ve already seen this before presenting the much anticipated tech to the world.


  • The slimmest smartphone on the planet
  • Front facing camera
  • Camera with LED FLASH
  • Bottom microphone
  • Top: Headset jack and SECOND MIC
  • Going over external buttons, volume up and down, mute, front facing camera. Micro-sim tray, Camera with LED flash on back. – macrumours .

The pictures thats show the the stainless steel band is part of the antenna system.  Great engineering excellence as normal .

“It’s the thinnest smartphone ever. Stainless steel, glass on the front and back. Extraordinary build quality. I don’t think there’s another consumer product like this. So this is our all new design for the iPhone 4. And that’s the first one.

Something called retinal display is now used on the iPhone 4.  Details are

  • Much more accurate color
  • Incredibly sharp, better than OLED
  • 800:1 contrast, 4x better than 3GS
  • 3.5″ display
  • 326 ppi. 800:1 contrast ratio also 4x better than 3GS. Uses IPS technology for superb color and wide viewing angle
  • Automatically renders text in higher resolution
  • Existing apps look better (except for those who hard coded 320×480)
  • Powered by A4 chip
  • up to 32 gb of storage, so no 64 gb iphone

Bigger battery plus A4 processor, 40% more talk time. 7 hours talk time. 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video. 40 hours of music. 300 hours of standby.

On top of this theres now a another cool piece of hardware: we’re adding a three-axis gyroscope.  It’s Gyro + accelerometer = 6 axis motion sensing.New CoreMotion API’s for extremely precise location

A whole new camera system.

“Now everybody loves to talk about megapixels, but we tend to ask the question how do we make better pictures? Megapixels are nice, but what these cameras are really about is capturing photons and low light photography. So we’ve gone from 3 megapixel to 5 megapixel, but we’re using a backside illuminated sensor.”

The camera also records HD 720p at 30 fps ““It records a full 720p at 30fps — it’s REAL HD. Tap to focus video, built-in video editing, one-click sharing, and the LED flash will stay on to illuminate scenes for video. Record and edit HD video right on your phone. It’s pretty remarkable. But we’re going even further than that…” “

iphone 4 just announced (not called iphone hd)

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And its cold, again lol. Its amazing that on the drive from Liverpool to bristol and then to wales I did nothing but sweat my buttocks off in the car, the moment I arrive back home it’s freezing cold as well.

I’ve added a new RSS feed so for those of you that click and purchase I make a small miniscule amount of money, go on you know you want to.

Out on the road again later so will blog more with an update.

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