Money. I finally get it

Phew, finally the message has sunk in and it;s very … VERY simple..

No one gives a shit. Unless you are with that speical one, no one gives a stuff. The preconception of anyone giving a damn without their own benefits being in mind is gone, long dead, no ore and perhaps its been a joke all along.

No one does nothing without a preconvied notion of whats in it for them. Fuck me is this the end of friendhship, yup I believe it is.

In a time where money is at it lowest, the recesion means that the rich still get richer and it’s the BBC3 community that the BEEB respond to, you start to see where things truely lie.

Money isnt the route of all evil its the one common denomiator that binds those that have against those that don’t, after all those that don’t are the friends on the outside.

Violence makes violence,
Greed makes greed
Image percives image.

Fuck, right now just some good wouldnt go amis, walking around london town I could smile at some of the good things I saw, now i prey for a smile aimed at my way…..

Money. I finally get it

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