When youre down. A good kicking ensues

Freaking he’ll what is going on when you work your ass off top amd bottom trough thick amd thin and it takes one comment from a loud mouth teenage cow to blab off about things she only half hears.

With a situation like this who should I be pissed at. The girl who’s a loud mouth cunt or the employers who take her word over mine at a drop of a hat and then decide to vet all their crap at me on Facebook and then can me.

Next day I walk down to go and sort things out to then be ignored and snubbed by all parties concerned. Fuck me it just doesn’t get easier does it? I’ll answer my own question.

Beliving and having a healthy frear of what comes Arlington goes around I have lived by means of helping out whenever and wherever possible. People find me out, rant, rave tell me their issues, I help in whatever way, issue gets solved and off they go on their ways. I never mind except at time like these where at a low ebb with still further to fall I wonder why the same is never afforded to me.

When my life is shit and the world has taken it’s toll on me who is there to talk to, a helping hand, fek me even for the sub of a ten quid note whilst in this perpetual state of waiting to get paid. No one.

Ironic isn’t it that it write a blog in place of talking to people. Speaking of people going back to work really doesn’t look like that’s an option. Even more so now I realise that I fit in even less when this was just a healthy paranoia. Fuck me being right is a curse. Who remembers me writing about there is no good it’s just the lesser of 2 evils. The least bad option if you will. Something that I don’t really want to deal with, scratch that. Can deal with.

What then? Serous consideration is being given to the dole and some sort of mobile home. Fuck the system. It’s actually being planned. Net is possible with mobile dongles, washing and showering is the real bug bearer right now.

As of tomorrow life good ls are being out up for sale on eBay. Bidders appreciated.

When youre down. A good kicking ensues

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