Decisions Decisions

Working away and off on travels, my cat smug has been with a friend now on and off for pretty much the last year.

Now that Im back home and settled is as much as I can be in a place that I can’t stand my mind starts to need company and the company that I had was my cat.

The problem is that as much as Id like her back the person that’s been looking after her, who lives alone and doesnt socialise that much, has grown attached to my cat.

Cue todays dilemma, as much as I really do like the animal it’s going to feel very selfish to keep her after a year or so with another person. Around xmas time I was going over there every day to see here whilst things settled down getting back from dubai. Of course outstaying my welcome in Marchish time.

So what the hell do I do, if i have her back I make the person looking after it incredibly unhappy or do I just take it like a man and give her to her as a thank you type thing

Decisions Decisions

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