And that as they say.. was that

Following on from the last few days and everything that’s gone on Im glad (yeah right) to say that this whole sorry episode is over and the obvious looser here is me, hell you gotta make it easy for the other side.Waking up at 8.30 and then promptly realising theres no point in getting up apart from feeding the cat, I promptly went back to sleep to then wake up at 2.30pm, watch some zeropunctuation thus deluding myself that I could be funny and finally getting out of a comotose state to shower.

Tip run time and then a visit to the supermarket where she works.  The plan was to go in, get food, water and get out.  Howevr like any of the plans that I try to stick too, imminent failure was on the horizon.

Shes there working on her own so I walk past and Im not sure if shes seen me at this point so as I past her I simply say ” you can smile you know”

no I cant
you are now
its botox
Yeah right not just because youre talking to me.
I then get a packet of sweets thrown at me.
I bent down to pick them up and then get some ridicule from her along the lines off “can’t believe you picked them up”
“well, yeah”
a bit of giggling (I think), so to follow up now with “but then again it is you so…” and chuck them back down on the floor.
“noo don’t Ive got a bad back I pulled it”
so then I bend down again to get them and pass them to her.

(a smile appears a little more, like a natrul smirk) but nice.  At this point Im thinking that its a good start and then… FUCK UP time

so a little more banter and then I just say look your mate told me the score and thats fine, not looking for anything too heavy or owt like that.

Cue the I hate men, all men are bastards with my retort of yeah right thats why you like me then with a laugh.

And then I say stuff along the lines off “but if you just want to go out , chill as mates and see if anything happens, not that it has to, that would be cool.”  She doesnt say much but almost says errmm ok.  Lightening the tone I say how about we do something different just go into town, play some pool, have a few drinks or whatever.

I get a very awkard yes and I acknowledge that its not the best time to talk about this stuff.

So that should of been the point there to walk away, but ooo no I’m not done fucking up yet.  Hanging in there like a lost puppy almost I ask are you out this weekend.  She’s a bit shy about this, awkward and says yeah shes going out with mates from work.  I go ah cool might see you about.

Can’t remember how that was taken so Im not going to write anything but it was said in a sheepish type of tone.  I don’t know, then she says that she has to go back to work and “fair enough” i say as I walk away to pay for my stuff.

Keeping one eye on her just very casually Im hoping in my gut to get a glance from her, something like out of the clint eastwood film where the woman walks away and if she looks back, shes interested and they end up hooking up.  No look my way, yes there is probably 100 and 1 reasons for this

And that as they say.. was that

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