Forgetting is a good thing

There is nothing like forgetting things at times. You might forge say how bad some fruit tastes after you re try it but then try something else thats since long been tasted and wow isnt that great.

Then you can imagine what its like on the opposite side of the scale to forget how something can feel to remember that and belive me thats a pisser. NO in fact its a cunt of a thing beause when you remember a feeling or something it can unfortunately open your eyes.

Ill write more here tomorrow as its an interesting view on going from one side of things to another, side of things, sorry meant feelings. Like I said at the start, forgetting can be a good thing. Think of all the heartbreak spared if you had never loved. To never have loved means to have never lost and those who go through heart wrenching stuff know what I’m on about.

Will write more shortly

Forgetting is a good thing

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