And just to rub it in.

Funny isn’t it how things come, go and at the end there is someone left back looking over things and seeing the outcome.

As anyone who reads this (thanks 2 people) knows of the clusterfuck of sat so here’s the follow up.

Recap, sat’s night *date* that fucked I up with and then watched her get off with another fella is still a bit fresh so things stil seem a bit raw.

See Rach in the local town with her fella, typically as this sounds, weights lost, new hair do and happy. Can’t fault that and did bring a smile to my face

Gentelmens club down my local. 25 men with women (all of them coupled up) dressed up to the nines turn up for a charity do, including fella who lass went off with. Yup what a way to feel freaking great and it just happened to be that time of year when people are pairing off etc. (cue a great long sigh).

And finally, the ex texts me to ask how it went.

Anyone care to bother trying to point out any positives?

And just to rub it in.

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