rubbing it in… part 2

Yup its still not letting up. No really people think that I make a lot of this content up or perhaps in a sanitised world it’s hard to comprehend things can happen like this.

As we all know the mindphuck on monday was bad enough however thats been topped. 2 people I know of locally have just got hitched, all loved up etc etc but thats fine, can’t be bitter about that and it’s nice to see, bringing a smile to a weary old face like mine.

Roll forward to wednesday and out with a mate and his 2 palls for a change. Bowling in Milford (not far from the ex so that doesn’t play on my mind at all) Came last at first game, first on the last game (go figure).

The 2 other guys we are out with work with mate at his local supermarket, where the lass also works. Both work in the butchers.. Mind isnt awake at this point and then it hits me about 4 hours later.

One of the guys is a regular hookup with said girl, also part of the is she, isn’t she pregnant saga.

What the fuck… How does this need to happen. A free lift for this guy as he didn’t even get me a coke or anything but then I realised something. On saturday when I got to see her phone as part of the whole “banter” about phones and a name of “Dan” was on her list. Above my number which she hadn’t even bother to save as a proper name.

Well at least she kept my number for a while.

Does this happen at this time of the year, end of the summer and people start hooking up?

rubbing it in… part 2

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