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Isn’t she just the most perfect looking in the world. Elliot from Scrubs..  More blogging to come later tonight and I promise to write what happened 2 Saturdays ago.

Oh and a video might be coming out soon.  So this is one of the harder blogs to write as it involves a certain lass at least a moment of recongnition.  It’s rare for me to get an apology even more so when women are involved.

So as we all know from the other weekends involvement of going out with a lass but not on a “date” but for a few drinks, being a cock and a little too sure of himself and the night ending in it’s traditional way of taxi for one, going to the supermarket hasn’t been something I was looking forward to.

So long story cut short here.  I walk out as a small dog walks in, thinking that i couldhelp I circle around and go back to the supermarket where she works at.

I get a hi and then is that your dog.

“If I’d known to get you to talk to me or impress you all I’d have to do is get a cute dog I’d have done that ages ago” I stammered and stuttered, loosing all impoteus of the point tryting to be made.

For a girl that can be sucha  bitch, theres a soft spot where small cute dogs lie.  At the office in the supermarket there’s a bit of small talk before I go say

“I just really want to apologise for the other night.  That’s not me at all being that arrogant and ignoring you and I’m sorry.  Put it down to nerves and trying a bit too hard but I really am sorry and the arrogant prick that you saw that night really and honestly isn’t me”

I wish I could remember the body language or know how to interpret it, thats what I get for no updating this blog when important things happen to make sense of things.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t of been such a bitch to you that night”.  I think I clumsily said thanks and tried tomae a funnish comment about I deserved a little bit of it and we leave it at that.

I hang around talking and just chatting, one of her freinds calling me john ( the name of the exe’s fella ) making me feel all the more better.  I think there were a few comments from her about being caught shagging in the showers of the place above work.

Anyways, I wait till we are alone for another chance and muster up to say “the offer still stands and I will keep pestering till you come out as me just to do something different”

“Im not looking for a relationship things are fucked up right now”

“I didn;t say that I was looking for one myself, I said lets go out, have a laugh and do something different and see how it goes”

“See there you said how it goes when Im not looking for a relationship, the best I can offer you is friendship”

“No dumbass I meant see how the night goes and what we get up to”

“Oh ok then, you can text me, you;ve still got my number”

“Nope got rid of that, you’ll have to give it to me again”

After a little bit of false protesting about it the number is given and saved on my phone.

“Well you made that hard work, when;s a good time to text”

“text me next week when I can be bothered to reply”

“Yeah right, I’ll end up not getting a reply again wont I”, I say in a mocking way

“NO i know you are going to think this is an excuse but I have grand parents down till next week.”

“right then so next week sometime then, whats a good day so I don’t interupt etc”

Would she give me a direct answer.  No.  Hell reading this back I go through the motions of not what to make of it and then a sudden tunderbolt of realisation of  realising, that once again, I dont get the hint.  In short I’ve no idea what to do… again.

That’s about it.  I might update this post if I can think of anything more relevant.  As Im writing this in the furture from when all this happend I can say that right now, I can’t bring myself to delete her number just yet.  Yes the thing to do is to delete it, get on with being miserable and that’s it.

I think I’ll keep it and not do anything with it for a while.

Space reserved.. Updated

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