The Job Interview and pregnancy news.

Well that went ok, not brilliant but not bad and walked away from it thinking that I didn’t get it and I was right. The little voice in the head. That’s what you get for being the first person for an interview on a Monday morning.

I waited to hear about the job til today (thursday) but life hadn’t quite decided that I was going through enough stressing to see if I had the role.

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The Job Interview and pregnancy news.

What a few weeks. Manners cost nothing

Humiliation after humiliation and epople somewhow expect me not to have such a low opinion of myself. Farts night tonight is aprime example, apart from playing first on the night and getting some support no one said a word to me throughout the night, leaving me to seek solace in the iPhone.

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What a few weeks. Manners cost nothing

Weekends. Days to be humiliated more like

Well where to start. I’ll Bullet point last weekends ‘lesson learnt’

In lib pub with pal
He leaves Julie walks in
Gets me an owed drink
I leave her to it but she asks me to sit next to her amd her mates.

I sit next to her mate and make small talk. Can see her a few seats down looking over.
Mate then gets people to move so I cam sit next to her. I mutter if I must in a cocky way. Get a playfully hit from her for that
Talking about general stuff
Tells me she’s dropped a half an e
Starts getting emotional about past boyfriends and one , who’s a druggies, getting his new misses prggers
Mate rally around her say she’s a nice bird etc
Gourds truly then gets pointed at being called fucking nice , not bad looking. Not sure if sweet was mentioned, thank fuck.

Thise who know me know that I have a very bug hate for being called cute. Means you aren’t going to get anywhere

All of a sudden I get more glowing reviews
She says she can’t offer me anything more than friendship
I counter saying that’s coolly with me. Just someone to do things diff around ere are cool.
Again she goes on about not wanting a relationship as she’s fucked up.
Pah. I just think the people you go for arentthe best.
Chat changes. She’s talking to her mate. I focus on the box as she has her back to me at a slight angle but keeps leaning back, almost into me I feel bit then again when doi get this stuff right?

Weekends. Days to be humiliated more like