Three Customer Services LOL time

[Vikram] Hi Mark, welcome to Three.
[Mark] HI vikram
[Mark] i have just got an iphone 4 and would like a microsim please
[Vikram] please give me a moment while I give you the link.
[Vikram] Please click on this link
[Mark] i already have a contract with you
[Vikram] Do you surf the Internet on a laptop?
[Mark] Yes
[Vikram] I can offer you the latest ZTE MF 112 usb modem along with a data allowance of 15GB which is almost as good as unlimited because you can surf internet for approximately upto 600 hours a month. You get it for just £15 a month on a 24 month contract.
[Vikram] The broadband which I am offering you is a usb modem which is as small as the index finger.
[Mark] Um. I already have a 3 contract, what i would like is a microsim to be able to use my Three number on my mobile
[Vikram] Please click on the above link for the registration of the micro sim.
[Mark] that will give me a new contract
[Mark] I ALREADY have a contract with three
[Mark] why would I want a new contract just to get a microsim?
[Vikram] Three livesupport can only offer sales assistance for the web site shop. Unfortunately we do not have access to customer details and are unable to deal with customer services issues. Please contact our customer services team on 333 from your 3 handset or 0843 373 3333 from another phone, where we will be happy to help.
[Mark] ok,

Three Customer Services LOL time