Hello again – learning to be selfish

Back from a void of posting Im going to keep these short and sweet for now.  I’ve been preparing for podcasts which are a little more interesting than my words beaming into your cortex from a screen.  These last fe months I;ve been learning to not give a toss.  That’s harder than you think for me…

Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

What goes around comes around

and you know I’ve finally learnt what that means.  I’m all for helping people and being there but is there any point in doing that at your own expense?  Being an emotional crutch for someone is one thing but when a pattern emerges that htey only turn to you when they are bored or having issues at home with the fella, you step in, sort it outand they walk away til the next time, thats where im drawing the line.

The same with working.  Time is a precious commodity along with knowledge and why should any of them be given away for free?   Most of the time it’s people making money from my ideas and how do I benefit from that.  For a person with the biggest concious like I have, this is a big thing to get over.

Well I said i’d keep it brief and to be honst, theres stuff on the tele so traa for now.

Hello again – learning to be selfish

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