Hello again

Wow, it’s been a while now hasn’t it since a blog and to be honest thats down to not having a lot to say. Having got rid of trying to help certain persons and spending time trying to get thing done this end, not a great deal has happened.

Heres a recap.
Jan – Very, VERY ill, dropped a couple of stone in weight, reminder to self that people only want you when you are of use.

Feb – Job interview, didn’t get and got told that by a lass that I said to move in with me was preggers. Oh and the big EX decided to drop that one on me as well.

March – Well at least it was warmer this month. Nothing really dodgy or designed to wind me up happened in march and really went past as a nothing month. Oh did go to se the darts in which I was late, a lot of hassle with a car and was an OK day.

April – Warmth. Another job interview where you can just tell from the moment you walk into the room they were looking down their noses at you. Really can’t tell you how hacked off I am about this. That’s going to be in another blog.. shortly.. honest.

Hello again