James May Toy Stories, the new Series

Can i just say what an excellent bit of television that was tonight.

It’s not often that I will go out of my way to watch a TV program even with the technical revolution that is called high definition. Even tho most programs may be in high definition the quality and subject of the program always leaves a lot to be desired. Tonight however there was a good change for once in the shape of James May toy stories.

In an age where TV seems to be at opposite end of the scale is with either BBC three as an option or BBC for all the others and of the spectrum whilst all the other channels slot somewhere in a nice comfortable politically correct zone that’s not going to offend anyone and is the mainstream of bulk of programming, James may toy stories fits around then unique Sunday evening family television treat.

Normally I am the most cynical person when it comes to TV programmes such as this yett for one glorious hour I find myself smiling at the TV genuinely enjoying a program where there appears to be no false pre tense other than doing something because someone had an idea to do something.

With an extra twist of the Germans being involved in a six train raise the ending was always going to be inevitable but still that did not take away the joy of a nice simple program such as this.

James and may toy stories is shown in the UK on BBC two Sunday evenings at 8 PM

James May Toy Stories, the new Series

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