The Julie paradox part 2

Tonight has been one of those nights where I am wondering what the hell what went wrong and why and I can’t for the life of me wonder all know what I’ve done wrong.

So now I am in my local sitting there quietly with the friends just having a drink or two divorce while away the time. I see this woman across the bar and she instantly has that something about 10 what that something is I have no idea that she had that something. Not the most attractive last in the world but by no means the ugliest in the world that she had something about her . I can tell already by the way I am answering that I’m interested and thinking that she’s with her boyfriend I stay well away and keep myself to myself but all the time she’s inviting me to come over and join a group. I made winds of this saying that I don’t want to interrupt their work meeting .

Next thing I know she ups and Muse next to me and starts sitting down and talking to me. A few moments later she has fully psycho analysed me by the way are talking on the level where we just seem to have connected.

Arrived here you meet the same sort of folk over and over the painful than stuck in ways don’t like change don’t like this one that they are pretty much who they are in an age where change is almost mandatory . Yet as we sat there talking she have a complete grasp on me something that I’ve done two people in myself where I can sit down and see them and know them in instant.

I follow all the rules, not speaking too much, listening, interacting, I’m letting her do most of the talking whilst answering her questions when she takes an interest in me. To be honest when we were talking I really wanted to go back to hers , not to get up to anything to ward but just to be able to able to speak to her any more secluded setting. She pretty much takes all my boxes when she came over and talk to me it was like a similar experience I have a few years ago when I went over to talk to my lass and ended up pulling her.

No this isn’t a classic case of fun seen a woman who comes and talks to you because believe it or not this has happened more than once on me but in this instance she just had something. Anyways I digress so we are sat there and she has to go to the toilets. Off she goes and being the gentleman that I am I wait a few minutes. A few minutes to into town. It’s at this point I take a big sigh I realise that once again I’m sat at a bar looking out the other persons have drank glass of wine and realising once again I’ve ended up in another Julie situation.

As far as I’m concerned we were getting along just fine talking like normal people and there was nothing more to it may be perhaps there were a few subtle hints that I didn’t respond to execute a shameless but I like to think that I dropped a few of my own. Then again I am pretty darn hopeless at hinting anything just as bad as receiving hints.

To make the matter worse she also works at a local where I am potentially trying to get a job. So you can all see how this could end up but I really hope for ones that they can just sort of progress onwards from here on in. Thinking forward now yup she is pretty much out of my league. But there is just that something about her that would actually makes me try I know that sounds on but sometimes you meet someone and you think if I just applied my finger do a little bit more. No worries however because I realise just how sound that sounds.

I guess my plan has to be to talk to her and apologise for making her feel uncomfortable and just put up with the awkwardness that is inevitably going to happen. Part of the wishes he really didn’t have to be like that but there we are. Until next time.

The Julie paradox part 2

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