400 miles for an “interview”

The total distance I drove yesterday for yet another job interview.

Even before I’d settle all this mammoth drive the alarm bells were already ringing about what the nature of this interview was going to be. Even though the job specification have been posted on their website I still asked the contact I have for any additional interview information.
The basic things such as company information, number of employees, the established etc etc.

This is the response that I received.

So Thursday morning at 8 AM I jumped in the car and arrive at the interviews location at 12:30 PM. Two of the three people that were supposed to be at the interview had “issues”.

Getting to the point of this post quicker than normal I find myself having to convince people of what I have done in my life. Yes I have been to Hong Kong, Dubai, run my own company but why is it that when people look at me it’s with a sense of bewilderment. Our hearts they know what to expect or even they have no idea of what to expect but that problem is rapidly becoming mine, one of image.

There was never any points at the interview and question stage where I felt on the facts of this in fact it times I even felt like I was driving the interview at times. Relating experience and work done to the wrong but again this seems to be oblivious in the eyes of the interviewer. I’m the one tailoring answers to questions using relevant skills and experience to answer the questions they have supplies and are asking yet somehow not listening.

Eventually we get to the crux of the interview and I am asked what job do I think I’m applying for and what job do I want. I give my pitch and told them where I want to be in a stereotypical three months, six months, three years fashion for them to drop the bomb shell normally that they do have such a position but they are filling from within. So the actual job specifications given at the start is wrong they aren’t looking for a team leader/manager.

Another alarm bells should of been that they have employed for people this year and have been continually interviewing since January this year. Couple that with the salary of being between 20 K and 30 it all sure of adding up to say the moon don’t know what’s they are looking for more going out and fishing in the market.

The interviewer did bring up one of the points will stop why work history has been long and there. I’ve worked at many different places with many different organisations and to an untrained eye, or perhaps*, it looks like I’ve never settled down into one job.

The quote of the interview has to be ” I see you as a risk, if we implore you we may get you the six months but then from your track record you may go on to another job.”

” Good points” I counter with a leather isn’t this an inherent risk unit with any employee. How would you feel if you took someone on and six months down the line they were headhunted?

You could see from the body language and demeanour of the interviewer this really haven’t come across them I stop they know what they are looking for technically because they are servicing needs of their clients however when it comes to looking for more of the human touch, someone who can act as a buffer between the clients and the technical team, this really hasn’t occurred to them.

So a 15 min interview turned into the best part of a and at the end they say I may get invited back for a technical interview. ” Anything you would like to ask us” says the spectacle wearing interviewer,m ” yes”, with a wry grin on my face ” can you tell me more about the technical side of the interview? An uncomfortable shuffle happens on his seat so seeing this I type up and say ” well like most situations if you don’t ask you don’t know.”

At this and it becomes obvious that dealing with pressure and awkward situations is not this person strong point so, wanting to move on, I say it’s good to know what you have to prepare for in the back of my mind thinking crap I don’t know any of this time to start working on some websites.

Anyways, it’s going to be at least a week, before I hear anything about this role and being honest the thought of joining another 400 miles to attend a technical interview which in all likelihood I’m going to fail really doesn’t appeal to me. If I was more positive then I would look at this as an opportune moment to redo some basic training to being honest I see no point. My main struggling points is initial contact with people, their perception of me in the first 15 seconds really does set the president for the rest of the interview.

I think I’m going to set up a new part of this blog and you know what actually name and shame some of the interviews and thei techniques. Who knows I might even get into the press and creates and blocked traffic on the side 😀

400 miles for an “interview”

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