Running out of cliches

It’s true. I’ve run out of famous cliches but o think today’s would have to be simply crestfallen.

In tesco on the phone and bump into the ex. That it itself was ok as we just swapped simple pleasantries and passed each other in the isle. Her little lad pops up and ask “who’s that mummy”. That’s just a touch heart breaking but kids grow up and mice on quick, I know this more than most with my life being what it was and is.

None the less till quite hard to hear it even though you know it’s coming.

As she leaves she doesn’t look back, that’s not her style, there’s a look from the outside in where I see something that almost looks like she’s lost. Yeah, before anyone says it I could be reading too much into it.

The final kicker of the day is that it’s
Obvious she’s looked after now with clothing and nice hair to boot pushing a very expensive pram. She walks to her brand new car.

So here I am in a beer garden, having a beer being attacked by wasps.

At the age of 34 I’m still where I was at 31. No job, never had a pay rise or a promotion ever.

Oh and a fly just landed in my Guiness.

Running out of cliches

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