Happy new year

Bloody hell. I wanted to start this new year blogging on a high, to not be bogged down wtih my shitty life crap and have something usefull / funny to contribute to the blog life style.

I failed.

At least this year I escaped parents saying happy new year. Thank lord but life then decieds thats the right oppertunitny to kick me in the balls.

2012 in so far.
0001 on Christmas day (aka boxing day) brakes fail on my car.
Boxing day. Running around no real crap to speak off.
Day after boxing day. WEll thats 75 quid spend on brakes for me car.
Day after the day after. 6 grand debt hits me that I;m not aware off.
For a few days all is quite
January 6th. Interview for a job
January 8th. Get informed I didn’t get job

All quiet till tonight where I offend a lass (big style and I hold my hands up), get bollokced by a darting team member, tell an old friend to fuck off and end up with 2 of the biggest blokes possible wanting to smash me in.

Yes, happy new year…..

Happy new year

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