Leave top gear alone

One of the reasons I like top gear so much is because it reminds me of the time I used to be.

It reminds me of the times being in a pub with friends where we could just say anything out pretty much any time about anyone and anything without fear of reprisal.

In this age of Public and political correctness I thought that top gear is the last of the dying breed of programs which isn’t afraid to actually make a statement or say something in an almost 90s comedies style which is guaranteed to offend somebody somewhere.

What I find truly offensive of the people that stand up to say that top gear is offensive in this politically correct age.

30,000 people complained to the television regulatory body about a common that Jeremy Clarkson mage in a time that was far and obviously made in a throwaway matter. The whole town, inclination on body language of which you call his name was pretty much obvious to all in sundry than it was meant as nothing more than a bit of light hearted humour in the face of a somewhat bleak time.

Suddenly everybody wanted to have their say. From those affected by the public sector strikes to single mothers complaining to Facebook that they did not have to explain to their children why mummy should not be shot. Yes you read that right there were actually people complaining on Facebook that they were so outraged by this one comment and their children were almost running up to their bedrooms and asking their parent (unemployed) and also nothing to do with the public sectors pager be disputes, why they are going to be shot.

I asked the great people on the Internet walked more offensive. To make a light-hearted comment about shooting anyone who is protesting or the fact there were suicides in front of a train. Incidentally the suicide, and was also picked up up on three weeks after the public sector strikes have been all done and dusted unless only attracted a fraction of complaints it was only one month after the tragedy of 911 that comedians felt comfortable enough to start making jokes about the situation in which plane crashes happen. So how come America, the country of litigation, accepted this and moved on and get the United Kingdom still has a finger outfits arse

For example, ninjas stig, karate kicking and dropping his way into the program. How many people are going to complain about the stereotype compared to people complaining about how lazy Mexicans are?

It’s also a well known fact that if you got India and end up eating the natives food, which to be fair is cooked a lot differently to yours youwill end up getting the shits. Yet when said on national uk televison this causes out rageotelev
I bet secretly the same people that complain about top gear are also watching family Guy waited night having a teacher at some of the more adult theme and majorly politically incorrect jokes. Why does this form of humour have to be at B we are after raw in UK piling ourselves on being one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world yet in the plane from a guy who also find ourselves it seems I’m getting the most morally outraged company in the western hemisphere

Leave top gear alone

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