About that moment you met your ex all those years ago and you quite literally bump into her on the same seat where you first fell for her all those years ago.

By god I know how to make mistakes. That’s not easy to see her even after all these years.


Alcatraz on Fox, It’s still a bit Meh.

So chase a criminal
Chuck in some family stuff
Throw in an annoying plot toy at the end which you know is just there to keep you to the end of the season

That’s pretty much Alcatraz summed up, oh and don’t forget the every so slightly ripped off “Lost” suspense soundtracks as well.

It’s almost at the same state now as Terra Nova waiting for the big shock or twist point that never happens.

Alcatraz on Fox, It’s still a bit Meh.

Terra Nova Gets The Axe (insert extinct joke here.)

Then today (March 6) came the news that Fox had cancelled the show following a single 13-episode season.

It was one of those shows where you were expecting a twist or character plot arc but the pay off never happened. The last episode was all over the place, forcing us to get to know a character then killing them off near the end, yet all season very little was mentioned of them. All in all it was a show that lacked decisiveness for me at least.

Terra Nova Gets The Axe (insert extinct joke here.)

The Gadget Show drop three presenters

Channel Five have dropped three presenters from ‘The Gadget Show’ according to Suzi Perry’s twitter tonight.

Suzi Perry Dropped From The Gadget Show
suzi perry ‏ @suziperry
To clear the confusion. Ortis, Jon and I are not on The Gadget Show anymore. There was a C5 press release last week. Not our choice.

Those dropped are:

Suzi Perry
Ortis Deley
Jon Bentley

According to Wikipedia it says:

In February 2012, it was announced that the 17th series of the show will be in a new, revamped format. It is going to be called The Gadget Show: World Tour. It is due to start airing in April 2012. The show will see presenters Jason Bradbury and Pollyanna Woodward travelling the world to test the latest gadgets and partake in a number of challenges. Suzi Perry, Ortis Deley and Jon Bentley were dropped from the new show.

It will seem a bit strange at ‘The Gadget Show Live 2012’ without them and I wonder how they are going to put it on now, strange timing…

The Gadget Show drop three presenters