Never mention the C word when talking to a woman

Friend of a friend strikes up a conversation in a bar.
Asks me how I’m doing and mentions I look tired, I jokingly reply do i look that bad. She hangs around and we end up talking, mainly trying to direct questions about her.

Anyways we end up talking and she asks me about a project I’m working on. I say….”ahh.. no you know what that’s a coffee conversation” and then we just continue chatting…..

Oh great (smiling) I like coffee type conversations ( and I think said genuinely)

Parting ways I “say great chatting with you and I’d like to catch up over a coffee or other beverage” to which shes answers “aww that would be nice….”

Of course I dont get her number and then I hear the report back tonight. Seems that if we had met for a genuine coffee I would of just been talking about the project with her and all that.. apparently a coffee can be misconstrued into something else even when it is properly genuine.

Btw. I called it as soon as the N word was mentioned

Never mention the C word when talking to a woman

Kenny Power : Eastbound and Down Rip

What an ending. Hard to sum up really but there was the rollercoaster there of emotion going from WTF to the crashing off the side of a hill moment.

Series 3 had its moments but felt more flung together. The death of Shane, the girlfriend leaving, the baby all perhaps too much to really take into 9 episodes. Yet the changes in Kenny were subtle and placed nicely giving kudos for Danny McBride for his acting.

Kenny Power, you’ll be fucking missed

Kenny Power : Eastbound and Down Rip

Jordans, Hot and creamy oats… hmmm

Jordans Porridge Failure

Good Afternoon Customer Service

I wonder if you can help me or tell me what I’m doing wrong here.  First of all I’d like to say that I’m not a cereal complainer (pardon the pun I couldn’t honestly resist) as you must get a lot of people just “trying it on” a lot of the time.

Basically I’m unable, no matter how hard I try, to get your Thick and Creamy porridge to be either thick or creamy.  Despite following the instructions, measuring exact amounts, trying different ratios of porridge to milk, varying the cooking methods and I’ve even gone to the point of trying different types of milk to see if that’s what I am doing wrong.

No matter what I try I end up with oats at the bottom which are barely edible and milk on the top.

If I try the method of cooking longer I end up with a substance that resembled semi set concrete.

Needless to say I’m unhappy as I do love some porridge in the morning.  Can you help me out here at all please?  I’ve attached a picture to show you what I’ve ended up with.  The milk was boiling hot and I’d followed your instructions to the letter

Many thanks


To the readers..Ok not much in the way of content but it’ll do

Jordans, Hot and creamy oats… hmmm