Max Payne 3 – Fails For Trying A Little Too Hard

I so wanted to like this game, to get involved in the plot, get wrapped up in the story telling and yet Rock star have blown it by trying to hard.

Just how many times in the cut scenes do you want to see the 3 pane format, big words flashing up on the screen and other visual garbage. It was as if they weren’t confident enough in the quality of the story they had to put something else on the screen.

It;s almost too active on the cut scenes. In the gameplay things get slightly better. First thing is to adjust the controls. Ham fisted types like me who play way to much Mass effect 3 will struggle.

Max moves and flows well yet aiming “feels” off. You can use soft lock to aim on to the bad guys but how does that help. It then becomes run, cover, lock, shoot, hide, lock, shoot.

You can remove the lock options but that brings you back to a sense of detachment when aiming. I hope the PC version fares better with this issue.

Oh and another thing, weapon select.  What the hell.  So you press L2 (recalling from memory) use the right analogue stick to select the weapon, let one of the buttons go and prey the weapon of choice has been selected or you don’t break cover etc.

Overall. I’m just playing now to complete the darn thing, not for anything else really. I’ll bet this is almost a tech demo beta for the GTA franchise.  This is even more evident with the multiplayer aspect being almost the primary part of the game.

Note To Game Companies.
Stop punishing those of us who suck  or cant do multiplayer.

Max Payne 3 – Fails For Trying A Little Too Hard

2 thoughts on “Max Payne 3 – Fails For Trying A Little Too Hard

  1. Phil says:

    But all the |33t kidz do multiplayerzzzz !!!!!!!!111 (and yes, I agree, I hate all the multiplayer focus, if I wanted to game with other people I would invite them over. And that would never happen)

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